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How to buy $DOLO

Currently you can join whitelist to buy $DOLO tokens. After which you will be able to buy $DOLO tokens on public sale. You can also buy the $DOLO tokens on public sale without joining the whitelist.
To join whitelist or buy public sale, click here.​
How to switch on Binance Smart Chain with Metamask.
​Fast Guide Here​
How to use Binance Smart Chain with TrustWallet.
​Fast Guide Here​
How to Swap BNB for DOLO.
Step 1 - Charge your wallet with the amount of BNB(BEP20) you wish to swap for DOLO.
Step 2 - Go to PancakeSwap using this link: Open Link​
Step 3 - Set the Slippage on 13%+ in order to swap and get your DOLO tokens.